(MANGO) SENKU x Project Mori Hoodie
(MANGO) SENKU x Project Mori Hoodie

(MANGO) SENKU x Project Mori Hoodie

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Senku Hoodie 

if you’re a fan of the anime then without a doubt you NEED this hoodie.

Has a relaxed fit if you go true to size. 

Very comfy, and made premium material.

as you can see from the designs , Senku was the main focus for the hoodie, from his incredible love and curiosity for science and his childhood dream to travel to the moon. To his special bond with his father. tried my best to capture all of that in this one hoodie, and I don't think I could have done a better job. 

One of my favorite projects to design, ever since I watched the first episode I was pretty much hooked, I just  love the rebuilding a post apocalyptic world through modern science story it has going, every episode has wondering what the hell senku is gonna do next and how. Really refreshing show that has great characters and good pacing of the story, really stays true to the manga and doesn't skip a beat. Definitely go watch it if you haven’t! or read it!

Don't know if I'll ever bring these back.  So grab them now while you can. Only a limited amount!

Took me a little over a week to hand screen  all the hoodies, used a ton of high quality custom mixed black ink, and you'll be able to feel it, Heat treated each print to the correct cure temperature so it's not going anywhere, Print will outlast the hoodie. 

Suggested washing instructions: flip inside out, wash on cold, mild detergent,  Tumble dry on low-medium heat or air dry. wash with like colors.

note: since everything is done by Hand expect small imperfections in the print, Since every print varies slightly. 

No refunds, No Returns. No exchanges.  Once an order is placed, processing begins immediately.