HXH Anger x and x Light Hoodie (WHITE)
HXH Anger x and x Light Hoodie (WHITE)

HXH Anger x and x Light Hoodie (WHITE)

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HXH Anger x and x Light Hoodie (WHITE)

If you're a fan of HxH or know someone that loves the show, then this is the hoodie for you. Or if you haven't watched it yet, but love designs on the hoodie then pick it up anyway and watch the show! thank me later. 

I really couldn't be any happier with how these turned out, the Chimera Ant Arc is one of the best Anime arcs  that I've ever watched, and the first thing I wanted to do with my hxh project. Even if it physically and mentally wore me down, It's well worth the days of sleeping late and starting early to get this done.  I wouldn't change a single thing on this hoodie. It won't be the last HxH project I ever do, that's for sure. 

Don't know when I'll restock these, probably not this coming September. So grab them now while you can.

Took me a week to manually screen  all the hoodies, used a ton of ink the most in any project so far, and you'll be able to feel it, Heat treated them individually to the correct cure temperature so it's not going anywhere, Print will outlast the hoodie. 

Suggested washing instructions: flip inside out, any detergent is fine, Tumble dry on low heat or hang dry. 

Hoodie will fit larger since it is unwashed and is mostly cotton. so if you like the initial fit, then dry it on low heat or hang dry, or if you want it a bit smaller then dry it on medium-high heat. 

If you've never watched HxH then I highly suggest you watch it now or watch it soon,  I honestly didn't have high expectations but I was totally wrong. It's not your typical shounen anime at all. I'm thankful that I gave it a chance, because it made its way near the top of my favorite anime. and I'm sure it will for you too.