Champloo x Project Mori Hoodie (MANGO)
Champloo x Project Mori Hoodie (MANGO)
Champloo x Project Mori Hoodie (MANGO)
Champloo x Project Mori Hoodie (MANGO)

Champloo x Project Mori Hoodie (MANGO)

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Sizes: S-2XL

The show is an anachronism-infused period piece that takes place in Japan's Edo era. Blending elements of samurai and modern action with comedy ranging from slapstick to complete irreverence, Champloo is topped off with elements from old school hip-hop and other countercultures.

Jin Seba AKA Nujabes produced most of the soundtrack for the show and set the tone right away from the opening theme. The back hood print is a small tribute to Nujabes who passed away in 2010, a Vinyl Record with Mugen and Jin’s sword across it with “To Be Continued” at the center which you may be familiar with from the ending cut for each episode.

I tried to infuse as much of the show as I could into this piece, so you could get an idea of what it was about or just remember how good it was.

if you’ve watched the show you’ll appreciate the small details and if you haven’t then hopefully I can get you to watch it. 

Each one of the hoodies have been hand screened by me with premium quality ink and properly cured  to last for many years. 

I put a lot of thought and time into this piece, I needed to do the show justice and not just slap anything on it without a purpose. 

Hoodie runs true to size, so whatever you normally wear I would go with that. 

Suggested washing instructions: flip it inside out. Mild detergent, no softener. Tumble dry on low or hung dry. 

Available in limited quantities. Won’t be restocking.

Thanks for looking!